Designated Driver Dilemma

Driver or no driver was the question, I kept going back and forth in my head. The thought about having the option of using a limo service never ran through my mind until, my son used one for his prom at Chaparral High School.

I wanted to plan a night out with the wifey and I wanted it to be different this time. So I came up with the brilliant idea of going on a wine tasting tour in this beautiful city of Temecula.

For those who don’t know Temecula is known as Temecula Valley Wine Country, home of some of the finest wineries in the world. Of course I picked the one and only, South Coast Winery Resort and Spa.

Everyone I came across with had told, if your ever in Temecula and you want to hit up a good winery, you got to try the South Coast Winery at least ONCE. I tried and all I can say is that, it lived up to the hype.

Alright enough about what winery I went with and how great it was, this post was about how I got there.

I not only wanted to arrive in fashion but I wanted to enjoy all the wines they have to offer and not worry about being the designated driver or will I still be functional enough to drive back home.

I remember when I was in my younger days, I used to hate being the so called “Designated Driver.”

It was the worst position to be on party night. I felt like I was the parent who tagged along with everyone to make sure everyone was behaving and acting responsibly.

So I decided, maybe I should get a limo, that should pretty much solve all my problems and worries.

So first thing I did was call up Temecula Limo, the same limo service my son used and booked one right away.

After riding in one their stretch limousines, I could recall every comment my son made going through my head. Temecula Limo did live up to my son’s hype (nice interior, driver was nice, luxury feeling etc…..).

So there you have it, if you having the Designated Driver Dilemma, your problem has just been solved.


Best Breakfast in Town

Before I tell you who serves the best breakfast in town, the answer will surprise you. The reason why it will surprise because its not the typical answer you will be expecting. You will not hear me tell you about some exotic hole in the wall breakfast that I just happen to stumble upon because I was trying to get gas or something. The  best breakfast in town to me just happens to be a sandwich franchise that starts with the letter “S.” You name it, the one and only Subway. Right now some of you are wondering really, out of all the best places in town, the only thing you can come up with is Subway, the one with the unforgettable jingle, five dollar footlong or their eat fresh slogan.

The reason why I picked subway because its satisfies my taste buds for a really good price. Every morning, I would drive to my local Subway and order the “Breakfast Special.” Its a foot long steak egg and cheese on a flat bread for only $5 and a couple of change. The best thing about this breakfast is that not only does it fill me up but it also comes with a cup of coffee, to give you the start the day alert and strong. Now on the flip side, of course I could go find me a nice restaurant that serves a delicious breakfast but the only problem with that is, most likely I will be spending about at least ten bucks and thats not including tip. Before I use to hit up this pancake house but then I grew tired of paying almost fifty dollars for breakfast in the morning at The Original Pancake House, but I got to say those pancakes and waffles are pretty tasty, even though they cost over ten bucks a plate.

five dollars

So there you have it, you can either try that steak and egg sandwich and see for yourself while saving some money at the same time. Feel free to comment below to let me know what you think. Don’t worry, my feelings wont get hurt.

I TOLD You So!

Do you have that one person in your life, whether it’s your friend or even family is always quick to point out worst case scenario of everything you do in your life.

Like for example I have this good close friend of mine, whenever I tell him of this great idea or plan that I want to implement, he would be so quick to say that it’s not going to work or so and so is going to happen. My decision to do something could be as simple as saying, “Hey buddy, There is this new dealership in town and I am going to go there and get that brand new Range Rover that I always wanted but I am going to pay $5,000 below the MSRP.”

Of course my friend said, thats impossible or theres no way they are going to give a vehicle like that to you for that cheap. I would have to agree with my friend because he is right, a discount that large is unheard of. Regardless of what anyone thought of my plan to scoop up that new ride, they are either right or they are wrong. The only thing that matters is what you think about it.

If I were to going into that dealership with the mindset, thinking that there is no way they are going to accept my offer, I would never going to get the deal anyways. Then my friend can come to me and say, “I told you so!” On the flip side, if I walked in with the attitude of knowing that I was going to get a good deal, I could of said,”I TOLD You So!”

So either way we are both right. So therefore, it really boils down to how you view yourself. You may view yourself as queen or king inside but to everyone else they see you as a pawn. The majority of people just sit on the side lines where its safe and say I TOLD you so whenever they experience a set back just so they can feel better about their own lives.

Based on hundreds and hundreds of success stories I have heard or read about, one of the commonalities is that they have a positive self image of themselves even if it is not the reality of others.

The thing that most people don’t realize, it that you have to think like a queen or king before you can become one. The picture below is an example that perfectly illustrates what I exactly mean.

Most of my ideas and mindset about the negative world we live in started with this book I got on Amazon by Mike Vancrenshutterstock_23234020

Who is the best Limo Company in Town?

One of the most common problems when moving into a new town, city or state is that you have no clue whats good and whats bad. Unless your one of the lucky few who has family or friends who currently reside in the area your moving too, your out of luck. Living in the Temecula, CA for the first time was such a refreshingly new scenery that I immediately enjoyed. It was really quite easy to find my way around, especially if you travel down Winchester Rd, it will showcase you to mostly all the shopping centers and retail outlets around. You can see the beautiful Promenade Shopping Mall right when you exit the freeway. It also carries everyones favorite restaurants like PF Cheng’s but I kind of wish they had a Cheesecake Factory.

Besides all the fine stores and restaurants, what about services. It just happen that my sons high school prom was around the corner and I needed to help him a fine and reputable limo service in Temecula that will not only impress his date but allow him to arrive at the party in fashion. I searched on Google to see which ones had the best ratings, no complaints and nothing but positive feedback from all of their customers. Once I narrowed down my picks, I was still having trouble deciding on who I was going with. It was until I spoke to one my close friends who previously been to Temecula and they used Temecula Limo when they visited the South Coast Winery Resort & Spa.

So my friends approval of Temecula Limo was good enough for me because I know my friend and he is very meticulous about everything. He has pretty high standards when it comes to a lot of things in his life. So just hearing his words just sealed the deal for me. So that was who I ended up booking a limo with for my sons high school prom. After prom, my son had nothing but great things to say about Temecula Limo. He said they were very professional, punctual, and their interiors were fresh and amazing. He also mention that a lot of his friends at school the next day took notice of the limo and complimented him about it. If you don’t believe me, then check out the photo below and see for yourself.

Limo Temecula California Service

So there you have it, if you ever need limo service in Temecula California  and are pondering over who is the best limo company in town, just give Temecula Limo a call by visiting the link below, you wont regret it.

Click Here

Welcome Everyone To My New Blog

Again welcome, if this is your first time  visiting my blog, I will be talking about various towns,cities,places, and services that I have already experienced myself or would recommend to everyone. Sometime I might even share some personal experiences of mine that may inspire or motivate you as a extra bonus. I hope you like it.